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Tunes & Dances

Occasionally I teach workshops aroon' an' aboot. I like to teach a tune by ear, then make the sheet music available. Here is the sheet music for the last few workshops. These are all pdf downloads.

The Bog Sets, Spring 2009
Saturday Sessions, Spring 2009
Loch Norman Games, N.C. April 2009
Concord N.H. Indoor Festival - April 2009
Easy-Ish Session Tunes - April 2008 - See below for audio of some of these
Tokyo - February 2008
Lethbridge, Alberta - April 2007
New Zealand Summer School - December 2005
Stone Mountain Games - October 2004
Grandfather Mountain Games - July 2004
Atlanta - October 2003

Here's a tune which is being played here and there (thanks, Hanneke!):
Download Raivlin Reel

And here is a listenable audio file for the above tune -
Raivlin - fastish (.aif)
Raivlin - slowish (.mp3)

Here's a list called Barbara's Favorite Dances. It's a resource for ideas for dance program devisors.

Trying something new here - some AIF files of the Easy-Ish Session Tunes (see above for the sheet music) Thanks to Robert for guitar accompaniment. Let's see what happens!

Lovat Scouts, Slower
Lovat Scouts, Faster
Morag of Dunvegan
Mrs MacLeod, Slower
Mrs MacLeod, Medium Tempo
Mrs MacLeod, Faster
Off She Goes, Slower
Off She Goes, Faster
Scotland the Brave, Slower
Stool of Repentance, Slower
Stool of Repentance, Medium Tempo
Stool of Repentance, Faster

Yoohoo out there - let me know if this works. - Thanks!

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